Health Curiosities

Health Curiosities

Avoid High-Salt Foods or Else
The High-Salt Foods That are Putting You at Risk

Holiday Scents That Can Help Your Health
Christmastime Aromas Evoke Emotions and Health Benefits

Libido Increasing Munchies
Food Aphrodisiacs That Affect the Libido

Thanksgiving: A Time for Healthful Eating?
A Menu Stuffed with Healthy Choices

The Truth about Spot-Reducing
Use Strength Training to Firm Your Problem Spots

Evade the Silent Killer
Lower your Blood Pressure and Reduce your Risk of Stroke, and Heart Disease.

A Drink a Day Keeps the Health Coach Away?
A Toast to the Good Life

Understanding Probiotics
Good vs. Bad Bacteria...The Battle Continues

Foods that Melt Abdominal Fat
Small Changes to Trim Your Stoma

Eat to Beat Colds and Flu
Introduce These Cold-busting Superfoods to Your Diet

The Ancient Indian Healing Art
Ayurveda: Could it Work for You?

Better Than BMI
Assess Your Health with a Ratio

Hand Sanitizers - Not Always the Best Choice
When Reaching for Soap is the Better Option

Surprising Small Things that can Ruin your Diet
It's Not Always a Binge on Chocolate Cake..

When Bad Breath Is More Than Just Bad
Five Things You Didn't Know About Bad Breath

10 Health Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore
Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Something?

Can Miracle Foods Lower Cholesterol?
Take Some Blueberries And Add Some Nuts...

Can Miracle Foods Lower Blood Pressure?
Veggies and Fruit and Fish ... Oh My!

Start Eating and Stop Bingeing
Simple Tactics to Control Overeating

Start Eating and Stop Bingeing - Part 2
More Simple Tactics to Control Overeating

Bad Foods Gone Good?
Bad Foods Do Time at a Health Reform School

Natural Viagra in the Grocery Aisle
Watermelon - More Than Just a Refreshing Snack?

97% Fat Free? Maybe Not
What Nutrition Labels Aren't Telling You

Seven Secrets For Success!
Tips to Extend Your Life and Energize Your Health

More than a Feeling
How the Arts Affect Your Health

Eat More and Weigh Less
25 Flab-Fighting Fitness Foods

Find a Better Sex Life in Your Kitchen
How to Eat Your Way to a Fatter Libido

The Truth About Simple Herbs that Can Cure You
What Traditional Medicine Doesn't Want You to Know

The Secret Cellulite Solution
That's Right In Your Kitchen

Eat These Foods To Boost Your Sex Drive And Energy
And No, It's Not Just Oysters!

The So-Called "Health Food" That Causes Cancer and Heart Disease
It's Lurking in your Refrigerator Now!

Drink Away Your Unwanted Pounds!
And We're Not Talking Meal Replacement Drinks!

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