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Body Odor

Body odor refers to unpleasant smells emitted from the body. The most common cause of body odor is poor hygiene and uncleanliness. Sweat has no odor but, if left on the skin for a few hours, bacteria decompose the sweat. This can cause body odor. The next most common cause is sweat containing a high level of garlic, curry, or other spicy food. However, when a person is very healthy, usually the foods can be eaten without lasting odor effects. Other causes of body odor include nutrient deficiencies (usually zinc), underlying health problems (usually liver disease or diabetes), or gastrointestinal problems (such as parasites or chronic constipation).

What To Consider

Wash your entire body at least once a day. Your feet can be most affected due to the warm, airless environment insides shoes, boots, and sneakers, so check the condition of your feet and footwear. Also consider excessive caffeine consumption or emotional stress, which can influence body odors.

The more wholesome your diet is and the greater the balance of nutrient biochemistry is in the body, the less chances there are of unpleasant odors emanating from the body. To help prevent unpleasant body odor, do a bowel cleanse and rejuvenation program several times a year

Self-Care Tips

Eat a whole foods diet that includes at least 1/3 to 1/2 raw foods. Increase fluids and pure water (seven to eight glasses per day). On rising and before bedtime, drink one glass of water with the juice of a fresh lemon and one teaspoon of chlorophyll.

Nutritional Supplementation
The following nutrients can help prevent and reduce unpleasant body odor: vitamin B1 (50 mg two times daily while problem exists and then 20-30 mg one time daily several times a week for one year), vitamin B complex, vitamin A (25,000 IU daily for a few weeks), vitamin C (increase the amount and frequency during periods of stress), chlorophyll, magnesium, PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid), and zinc. Liver glandulars may also be helpful.

Sage is a useful essential oil for preventing body odor.

Juice Therapy
Drink fresh-squeezed, organic vegetable juices once or twice a day.

Hepar sulphur and Sulfur are both useful homeopathic remedies for treating unpleasant body odor.

Skin Brushing
This staple of naturopathic medicine, which involves the use of a natural bristle brush that is gently used to scrub the skin of the entire body in gentle circular motions to encourage removal of dead skin, improved local circulation, elimination through the skin, and enhanced skin function generally, can be a powerful tool in prevent body odor. It should be performed daily for at least 5 minutes and ideally be followed by a bath in which essential oils are used.

Topical Treatment
Apply baking soda under arms and between toes. Avoid aluminum-based antiperspirants.


If your symptoms persist despite the above measures, seek the help of a qualified health professional.

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